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iJuanaBox delivers premium CBD products directly to you through specially curated boxes for specific wellness needs as well as offering a selection of individual CBD products within the categories of Sleep, Pain, Anxiety, Beauty & Pets. We combine our passion for health and industry knowledge to help you obtain the right products for your unique health and wellness needs.



Stephen Rosen, founder of iJuanaBox

I'm Stephen Rosen, co-founder of iJuanaBox, who, after 15 years of suffering from degenerative knee issues that left me immobilized and in pain, discovered a product that supported my efforts to reclaim my active lifestyle and my life.

This solution didn't have serious side effects like the many OTC and prescription medications I'd taken for years. But it also didn't make me feel strange. It had no psychotropic or hallucinogenic properties at all. Of course, you know I'm talking about cannabidiol (CBD).

I won't lie to you and say I'm pain-free. My condition was more severe than most. Years of competitive sports had taken their toll.

But after some experimentation, I was able to cut my pain in half, which was more than enough to get back out there and enjoy life as a man in his 60's.

With a background in technology, environmental and sports sciences, I knew - then and there - that I wanted to learn everything I could about CBD.

But what I found was shocking. There's a lot of conflicting information out there. And the CBD industry is very unregulated. So there's little oversight or incentive to deliver a safe, quality product.

It's a buyer beware kind of marketplace.

Even with my science background, it wasn't easy to separate the fact from the hype to find high-quality CBD products. That's why my partner and I founded iJuanaBox; to help people cut through the fiction and get the best CBD products for their unique health needs.


We founded iJuanaBox, premium CBD products delivered directly to you, on the principle that finding the high-quality, trustworthy CBD products that work for you shouldn't be complicated.

We're committed to helping people like you explore CBD for themselves through carefully curated boxes with the highest-quality and most carefully-formulated CBD products on the market, customized especially for various efficacies.

We have done the research and sorted through the empty promises and claims to find the best products to match your unique customer profile.



Your health and wellness are our passion. Because we know that when you’re healthy and well, you experience all the richness, joy and beauty that life has to offer. We channel our passion into every product we make. And we know that when we offer products that support your wellness goals in tangible ways, you’ll want to keep getting your CBD products here and share your successes with others.

To this end, we take our business and your health and safety seriously, thus our products meet our high standards:

hemp derived

Hemp Derived

This both reduces the need for dangerous over-processing methods. And it allows us to make our individual products and curated boxes available to people throughout the U.S. While the hemp plant looks like marijuana cannabis in its natural state, it can't cause intoxication and is legal for sale throughout the U.S.

less than .3% THC

Less than .3% THC

THC is the substance in marijuana that causes mental effects. Hemp is naturally low or even absent in THC, so it can't get you high and should not show up on modern THC drug tests.

safely extracted

Safely Extracted

A safe extraction process is essential for a reliable product. Studies have shown that many extraction methods can leave potentially harmful chemical residues in the finished product.

lab tested

Lab Tested

Advanced lab-testing such as chromatography can confirm what substances are actually in the finished product. Each element appears on a screen as a different color and the test shows how much of each is in there, so unwanted residues and THC can't hide in properly tested CBD products.

 third party tested

Third-Party Tested

Testing by a third party with no conflict of interest helps keep companies honest.

properly labeled

Properly Labeled

Because of the testing, we know that what's on the label is in the bottle.

transparent processes


Just ask us. We’ll tell you. We’ll openly share our details about our product, sources, testing methods, extraction method and so forth.

formulated for specific efficacies

Formulated for Specific Efficacies

We select products ideally formulated for distinct efficacies, taking the guesswork out of finding the right products for your unique needs. For this reason, iJuanaBox isn’t your run of the mill CBD source.



Stephen Rosen received his Master of Science, Geology and Environmental Studies at the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology after completing his undergraduate studies at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

A West LA native, he's always been active in sports: Football, Basketball and Track. He has gone on to be granted several patents for innovations he developed in the areas of software development and athletics, and continues to work in the athletic performance technology industry.

Among his most significant accomplishments, he was an organizer for the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles. He further demonstrated his science, technology and entrepreneurial skills working in Broadcast and A/V and founding the systems integration company: TV Magic, Inc. He has consulted for three technology startups. And currently, he's proudly serving as a K-12 public education activist and board member for several education and community non-profits and ran for San Diego Unified School Board in 2010.

You can learn more about Stephen by visiting him on Linkedin.